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How to play.

Arrow keys to move. Hold space to fire. Release space to perform a Super Shot (only available with full shields).


Shoot the asteroids to gain points. Each point increases the size of your ship. Try to last as long as you can. Your shield will save you from one hit and will recharge after a short while. Use the Super Shot in sticky situations, but watch out as it will use up your shield.


Represents approx. 20 hrs of work with zero/minimal knowledge of Unity.

Planned Additions

  • Improve UI - Make the shield and score elements part of a UI that has a more space aesthetic.
  • Visual Elements - Asteroids to spin, small explosion when hit, laser blast hits, add nebulae to background.
  • More spawn types - Add variety to the asteroid spawning.
  • Power Ups - Power Ups at the top half of the screen. Ship reduction? More Shields?
  • BGM - Two tunes, one calm for title screen, fades to another more pacy tune during game play.